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Partner name Country Main Role in Consortium
DTV Consultants The Netherlands Project Coordinator:
WP1 & WP7 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
TISSEO-SMTC France WP3 leader
TIS Portugal WP5 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR Austria WP6 leader
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Greece WP2 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Lancashire County Council United Kingdom Demonstrator in WP4
URTP Romania Task leader in WP6 & WP7
Societatea de Transport Public Alba lulia Romania Demonstrator in WP4
Energy agency of Plovdiv Bulgaria Demonstrator in WP4
CARRIS Portugal Demonstrator in WP4
Holding Graz Linien Austria Demonstrator in WP4
POLIS Belgium Task leader in WP6
TISSEO France Task leader in WP3
Demonstrator in WP4

Energy agency of Plovdiv

Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria under the SAVE II program of the European Commission (EC). It is now one of the few such agencies established in Central and Eastern Europe following the decision of the EC in 1999 to expand the program to our region of Europe. The EC and others have considered EAP a huge success in the country and in the region since its inception in 2000. EAP is continuing its activities promoting energy efficiency and clean energies as well as identifying and developing new energy projects. Energy Efficiency (EE) is a new concept in Bulgaria; supply side issues used to be the main topic for discussion on the national agenda. A success was shifting the focus to the demand side of energy, bringing attention to energy consumption issues within the community and providing practical ways for individuals, communities and businesses to improve their energy management. EAP cooperates closely with partnership agencies in all European countries.

Our goals are:
  1. To promote energy efficiency at the local and regional level
  2. To provide energy efficiency and RES comprehensive information, education, advocacy and lobbying
  3. To raise public awareness of the connection between energy efficiency and climate protection
  4. To promote programs, institutions and investments favoring sustainable energy development, including renewable energy sources
  5. To identify and realize bankable demonstration energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects
  6. To encourage international cooperation, with a focus on financing and market penetration; and
  7. To enhance Bulgarian participation in the European integration process.

  8. The main services Energy Agency of Plovdiv provides are:
    1. Performing energy-conservation audits for factories and buildings
    2. Developing local/regional sustainable energy plans
    3. Provide expertise in sustainable transport, including mobility management and carpooling
    4. Identifying and developing energy-saving and renewable energies projects
    5. Providing education and training on energy conservation
    6. Conducting a public information campaigns on energy conservation and clean energies, entailing exhibitions and publicity; and
    7. Acting as a source of information on energy conservation, which involves the creation and maintenance of database.

Role in the project:
Energy agency of Plovdiv is the main responsible body for the implementation of the ENERQI Project. Together with the transport provider HebrosBus are demonstrators in Work Package 4. HebrosBus is the largest privately owned transport operator providing public transport services in Plovdiv and in southern Bulgaria. It is investing in new buses on natural gas, two interurban bus stations and lobbies for the implementation of innovative electronic ticketing system in Plovdiv.

EAP will focus on the analytical part and will modify the questionnaires and the online platform. HebrosBus will facilitate the connection between the passengers and the purposes of the ENERQI project. Together they will establish a reliable ENERQI Loop and recruit observers.

This will be a fruitful collaboration that will have significant impact on the improvement of the services provided by the public transport.

Ruski 139
4000 Plovdiv
Tel: +359 32 62 57 56

Contact Person
Liyana Adjarova

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