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Partner name Country Main Role in Consortium
DTV Consultants The Netherlands Project Coordinator:
WP1 & WP7 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
TISSEO-SMTC France WP3 leader
TIS Portugal WP5 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR Austria WP6 leader
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Greece WP2 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Lancashire County Council United Kingdom Demonstrator in WP4
URTP Romania Task leader in WP6 & WP7
Societatea de Transport Public Alba lulia Romania Demonstrator in WP4
Energy agency of Plovdiv Bulgaria Demonstrator in WP4
CARRIS Portugal Demonstrator in WP4
Holding Graz Linien Austria Demonstrator in WP4
POLIS Belgium Task leader in WP6
TISSEO France Task leader in WP3
Demonstrator in WP4


TIS.PT stands for Transport, Innovation and Systems, and that corresponds to the mission of the company, and to its expertise practised and continuously developed since its foundation in 1992. Projects developed since, have provided a wealth of experience, covering virtually all forms of transportation and including issues such as policy, regulation, contracting, quality and performance evaluation, dissemination activities, transport commercial strategy, concept and dimensioning, evaluation, network analysis and circulation plans, traffic studies for infrastructure franchises, traffic planning and management.
The added value that our work provides to our clients is based on the ability to understand the problems and current opinions and on our capacity to develop an independent view about the best possible solutions and present these to the client in a clear way.
The success of our approach is borne out by our expansion into new national and international markets while preserving the loyalty of existing clients. At EU level, TIS.PT has been involved in more than 40 European Research projects, in the vast majority acting as leader of thematic areas as well as project co-ordinator, since 1995.
These consortia have included some of the most prestigious academic and consultancy institutions from virtually every EU member country, plus Norway and Switzerland. Alongside our EU contracts, our client list includes government agencies, municipalities, transport operators in public and private ownership, infrastructure management companies, investment banks, consortia bidding for large transport systems franchises, real estate developers, large retail chains, etc. Some of the largest Public Transport Operators in Europe have called upon our expertise for advice on how to adapt to regulatory changes in the sector. All this gives TIS.PT a sound economic basis and scientific background in the transport and mobility fields. TIS.PT has currently a staff of 41 people, the vast majority of the has post-graduate qualifications, mostly in Transport, with a rich variety of academic backgrounds, including engineers, economists, sociologists, geographers, experts in legal affairs and public administration. By January 2003, our progress towards the quality excellence was recognised with the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Av. Marqês de Tomar 35 6º
1050-153 Lisboa
Tel: +351213504400

Contact Person
Joao Bernardino

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