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Partner name Country Main Role in Consortium
DTV Consultants The Netherlands Project Coordinator:
WP1 & WP7 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
TISSEO-SMTC France WP3 leader
TIS Portugal WP5 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR Austria WP6 leader
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Greece WP2 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Lancashire County Council United Kingdom Demonstrator in WP4
URTP Romania Task leader in WP6 & WP7
Societatea de Transport Public Alba lulia Romania Demonstrator in WP4
Energy agency of Plovdiv Bulgaria Demonstrator in WP4
CARRIS Portugal Demonstrator in WP4
Holding Graz Linien Austria Demonstrator in WP4
POLIS Belgium Task leader in WP6
TISSEO France Task leader in WP3
Demonstrator in WP4


Tisséo-SMTC is the Public Transport Authority for the Greater Toulouse. It aims to anticipate, modernise and develop a sustainable transport network and urban mobility for tomorrow. In a moving economic and urban context, Tisséo-SMTC commits in developing a coherent and responsible public transport policy. With local institutional partners support, this happens through the elaboration of the Urban Mobility Plan , the accessibility for all users of the Toulouse Public Transport network, the acquisition of innovative equipments, the construction of new infrastructures, the use of innovative commercial and marketing methodologies and models, an integrated ticketing system, a multimodal offer adapted to the different densities of urbanism…

Since April 2010, we work jointly with Tisséo, the Public Transport Operator of the PT network of the greater Toulouse to offer to the inhabitants of the area the best Public Transport services and quality.

Apart from infrastructures, Tisséo-SMTC also works on mobility management to propose mobility services and solutions as an alternative to individual car. Personalised Travel Assistance (Conseil en Mobilité), multimodal information, companies’ assistance for implementing their Commuter Plans/Workshoplace Mobility (Plan de Déplacements Entreprises), a humanised car-pooling service, cycling prmotion, carsharing, pricing policy, Tisséo-SMTC is committed and continue to develop new forms of motility based on the Ecomobility concept. Tisséo-SMTC has been rewarded at ECOMM 2010 in Graz for its efforts and work on Workplace mobility plans

Since 1996, Tisséo-SMTC has been/is involved in European projects dealing with many different themes within urban mobility. Tisséo-SMTC has developed a strong experience in the field of new mobility services as carpooling, workplace mobility planning, mobility advise, mobility agencies, multimodal information which combine the usage of new technologies and personal/human assistance.

7, Esplanade Compans-Caffarelli
31011 Toulouse
Tel: +33(0)

Contact Person
Aurore Asorey

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