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Partner name Country Main Role in Consortium
DTV Consultants The Netherlands Project Coordinator:
WP1 & WP7 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
TISSEO-SMTC France WP3 leader
TIS Portugal WP5 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR Austria WP6 leader
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Greece WP2 leader
Demonstrator in WP4
Lancashire County Council United Kingdom Demonstrator in WP4
URTP Romania Task leader in WP6 & WP7
Societatea de Transport Public Alba lulia Romania Demonstrator in WP4
Energy agency of Plovdiv Bulgaria Demonstrator in WP4
CARRIS Portugal Demonstrator in WP4
Holding Graz Linien Austria Demonstrator in WP4
POLIS Belgium Task leader in WP6
TISSEO France Task leader in WP3
Demonstrator in WP4

DTV Consultants

DTV Consultants is a Dutch leading research- and consultancy agency in the field of mobility. Furthermore, DTV is the main provider of training and education in the traffic and mobility market in the Netherlands are more and more abroad as well. We have been working for nearly 25 years for governments – ranging from municipalities to the European Commission – as well as for private organisations. At DTV Consultants, all traffic related disciplines are represented.

Projects are carried out on the basis of a problem-oriented approach, professional implementation and customised recommendations. Next to this ENERQI project, DTV Consultants has much European project experience. We participated for instance in PORTAL (Growth) and EMOTIONS (Save) and was the project co-ordinator of CIVITAS-GUARD (FP6). Furthermore, DTV was involved in the STEER projects E-Atomium, CONNECT and Trendy Travel and currently in the STEER project BAMBINI. An other ongoing EU project that DTV is involved in is CIVITAS MIMOSA.

In the field of public transport DTV Consultants coordinates large scale national public transport projects, such as a user satisfaction project for the complete national bus transport system. In the Province of Brabant customer satisfactions surveys and analysis are being carried out by DTV Consultants for years already. The information coming out of this survey is used to improve the quality of public transport as a whole. Furthermore DTV works with more than 20 municipalities in the Netherlands to optimise regional and local busroutes and busstops. The experiences from all these projects forms the basis and motivator for the European ENERQI project.

Role in the project:
DTV Consultants is the Coordinator of the ENERQI project.
In addition, DTV is Work Package Leader of WP1: Management, Quality Control and Risk Management of WP4: Quality Monitoring and Implementation of Public Transport improvements and of WP7: IEE Dissemination activities. DTV also has a role in WP3 (Design Common Methodology) and in WP5 (evaluation).

For more information, contact:
Willem Buijs:

P.O Box 3559
4800DN Breda
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 76513 6631

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