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ENERQI quality loop

The ENERQI approach is in fact a new step in the process of involving the passenger in the development and improvement of the public transport system.  

By asking the observers to assess the level of quality of a public transport system, the right quality improvement actions can be taken.  Experience shows that this demand-driven approach will lead to significantly better perceived public transport.


  • The observers (customers and potential customers) will monitor a number of quality aspects, such as punctuality of the bus, (professional) attitude and performance of the driver, the overall quality of the bus itself and the quality of the bus-stops.
  • They do this on a very regular basis  
  • The trip they monitor is randomly chosen, which guarantees that an independent sample is chosen from all the available trips.  
  • The passengers insert their findings into an on-line database by answering a questionnaire.   These questionnaires are in their mother language.  
  • The database generates regular reports which give feedback and input to management of public transport operators and local administrations.  This will allow management to plan and design quality improvement actions better (e.g. bus driver training, new lighting at bus stops, new time tables etc.).
  • It is also possible to measure effects of marketing and communication campaigns on the public transport perceptions of both customers and non-customers like car users.

An increase in customer satisfaction is expected and, with that, an increase in public transport usage. This will help breaking the vicious circle that leads to a downfall in the share of public transport.   


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