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ENERQI is structured into 7 work packages.  The main body of ENERQI is WP4 in which the common monitoring system for quality measurement and quality improvements is being implemented in each participating country.  The other work packages are to structure the work, to create an inventory of the existing monitoring schemes, to define and set up a common framework, to evaluate (the impact of) the system and to disseminate the results of ENERQI to other actors.

Work Package 1:  Management, Quality Control and Risk Management

The management is responsible for leading the project, structuring it, contact with the EACI, reporting, guaranteeing a good workflow and organising the payments.  The Quality Control will aim to have the output of each activity match the overall objectives of ENERQI.  To guarantee a high quality level an independent Quality Auditor will monitor all the activities in ENERQI.

Work Package 2:  Collection and Use of Existing Methodologies

An in-depth literature and internet survey will be done in this Work Package aimed at making an inventory of the actual state-of-the-art and also foreseen developments in the near future. Other basic input will come from all the participating countries and the experience built up in the QUATTRO, BENCHMARK, BEST projects and the existing monitoring systems in The Netherlands.  Experiences, like those taking place in Denmark and Belgium will also form a valuable input.

Work Package 3:  Design Common ENERQI Methodology

Based on the results of WP2 a common Methodology will be developed.  First of all it will be determined which quality indicators are general and usable in all or some of the participating countries.  Secondly, an initial target for the preferred quality levels will be set as a baseline for operators to be reached.  Thirdly, the framework and the on-line database will be built based on these common indicators.  If needed, the database will be expanded with country specific indicators.

Work Package 4:  The Quality Monitoring and Implementation of PT Improvements

In this phase the monitoring and implementation of quality improvement actions will be done.  Each site will recruit at least 500 observers, who will monitor on a monthly basis the quality of the public transport services.  By doing so a database with more than 90,000 observations is developed, making it possible to do all kinds of analysis.  Each site will also implement quality improvements; for instance, improved tidiness of buses, better punctuality, bespoke travel information and more accessible bus stop infrastructure.  Other types of improvements are the marketing and communication campaigns.  Just like physical public transport improvement they change the perception of public transport and lead to an increased use.

Work Package 5:  Evaluation and Analysis for User Guidance

WP5 will be carried through, during and after WP4.  It will consist of an evaluation and analysis of the project implementation and results, particularly through expert evaluations (three monthly) and a periodic benchmarking (yearly).  This benchmarking on the monitored data, an impact assessment of user perceptions on modal shift, energy savings and environment benefits will provide practical recommendations for the local stakeholders.

Work Package 6/7: Communication and Dissemination / IEE Dissemination Activities

This work package is responsible for the dissemination of the contents of the project.

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