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The main objective is to increase the usage of public transport by focusing on customer needs. These customer needs are identified by the customers themselves, through their own (subjective) view.


ENERQI will realise the following goals:

  • Removing the main barriers for public transport usage: negative emotions, feelings or attitudes of public transport customers as being “second rate travellers”,
  • Distinguishing important customer needs which need to be fulfilled to guarantee and maintain an outstanding public transport system,
  • Realising a change in public attitudes towards public transport, which means a general change towards a more positive perception of sustainable transport,
  • Embedding customer satisfaction and needs in daily public transport management,
  • Increasing the current numbers using public transport services in selected areas
  • Increasing the perception of quality of services by users from initial baseline,
  • Realising significant energy savings.


In the long term this will lead to energy savings through the decrease of future modal shift to cars and it will also lead a common European standard for high quality public transport based on customer needs.

Benefits for public transport operators are:

  • Improvement of the quality monitoring programs
  • Insight into the performance level compared to other public transport operators
  • Ideas for further quality improvement (also from foreign partners)
  • PR opportunities to position themselves on a European scale as an innovative company that really take customers’ wishes into account


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